A Chronology of Calamitous Events at the Court

Updated on 10 June 2007

Let me trace out the problems which have plagued the new Jalan Duta Court.

1 May’07: Three ceiling panels collapsed in the secretary’s room of Civil High Court 6.

4 May ’07: Cracks on the walls measuring more than 3m appeared in the corridors near the Magistrate Court 4.

8 May ’07: Due to a faulty air-con, a High Court judge was forced to postpone the hearing of a case.

9 May ’07: Everyone was left in the dark as the entire court complex was plunged into darkness due to a powercut.

23 May ’07: The Court started to drown under the weight of its problems as a water pipe bursts and floods the cafeteria found in the basement level of the court complex.

25 May ’07: The sum of all these problems really raised a stink as sewer overflowed out of a manhole due to a blockage. Court files which were placed directly over the manhole were damaged.

26 May ’07: A possible reason to this catalogue of problems? The Court complex does not have a Certificate of Fitness.

26 May ’07: We also find out that the shuttle van service ferrying court staff, lawyers and members of the public to the Court complex did not have a permit to operate such a service.

I anticipate that I will be updating this list quite regularly.

5 June ’07: An explosion rocked the basement of the Court complex, as a CO2 valve was believed to have given way. It was reported that court staff were told to hush up the incident.


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