KL Bar Talk on Shareholder Remedies

I will be giving a talk to the KL Bar on Tuesday 3pm 19 April 2011 ‘Shareholder Remedies: How to Slay a Dragon‘. The talk is very much inspired by my earlier article with the same title.

Some of the topics I’ll be covering over the span of about 2 hours:

  • The rule in Foss v Harbottle – the two-headed dragon.
  • The WMDs: Winding-up, Minority Oppression, Derivative Action.
  • Interim Remedies and the Statutory Injunction.
  • The Side Arms: Convening Meetings and Director’s Access to Records.
  • Case studies: The 50-50 Split, the Matriach Company and the Tale of the Lazarus company.
  • Arbitrating Shareholder Disputes?

Do come and attend if you are interested in learning a bit more.


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