Meet-up with Law Students

A few of the KL young lawyers hosted a huge bunch of ATC law students for dinner and drinks over in Bangsar this evening. They were very good company and I always find it heartwarming to see law students so interested in the law, in already being keen on doing pro bonowork and being generally passionate or interested in finding out more about the law.I guess this is in contrast to myself where I kinda ambled along my law degree and then being very fortunate to falling into an area of law that I enjoy and now enjoying the practice of law.

I think it is also very important for the profession to continue to maintain links with law students. They are after all the future of the profession and the meet-up today was just an extension of a long-standing young lawyer project in reaching out to the law students from local universities and other local institutions. It’s important to manage the expectations of law students, give them an idea of what real practice is like and also give the law students to ask any questions that they have. I would have appreciated any such opportunity to mix with lawyers when I was at law school, but never really got such opportunities.

Judging from the questions and the discussions we had, the students have a very good idea of what their goals and interests are in the practice of the law, and I think that bodes well for the profession.


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