eLawyer Legal Blog Writing Contest

eLawyer is holding what could be the first ever legal blog writing contestin Malaysia.


The topics you can select from are:

1) Towards an independent judiciary in Malaysia

2) Common Bar Exams: The creation of a new problem or a solution for an old one?

3) Welcome CheDet.com: the impact of Tun Mahathir’s blog

4) Anti-party Hopping Law- Agree or Disagree?

You are to send in an entry not exceeding 1,000 words and you stand to win up to RM 500 cash! Successful entries will be featured in an exclusive section on the eLawyer website. You’ll have to sign up for free as an eLawyer member to participate.

I have been invited to be a judge of the contest and I am privileged to have with me as judges as well, Dr Azmi Sharom from the University of Malaya and Fahri Azzat.

Hope you all support the contest and send in your entries!


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