Walk with us

I will be attending the walk tomorrow. It should be a quiet and uneventful march from the Palace of Justice to the Prime Minister’s office. It should take about half an hour, and most of us have no idea how many will turn up. I hear of some large groups of lawyers proudly stating that they will be there at the Palace of Justice, while I hear of other lawyers or even whole firms not attending.Tomorrow’s march is intended to be quiet display of the Bar’s desire that not only must the truth of the Lingam video tape be dealt with through a Royal Commission of Inquiry, but the Royal Commission must also look into the state of our judiciary and restore the public’s confidence in the judiciary.

In contrast to the defensive posturing adopted by the government initially, the Deputy Prime Minister has now announced on the eve of the march that a 3-man panel has been set up to investigate the tape. Perhaps the pressure from the Bar and other opposition parties had some part to play in this decision, I don’t know.

But it does not detract from the urgency and the importance of the march. This 3-man panel is still insufficient to deal with the larger issue of the possible rot and corruption plaguing the judiciary.

Do walk with us tomorrow.


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